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You Could Be The Next Ms. Texas Senior America!
Dear Ladies: We invite you to be part of the Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant 2014. This is not a beauty pageant, but an event that represents the "positive image of aging." Our pageant salutes all senior women. Our goal is to enrich and empower the lives of all seniors and promote the senior woman in all her glory. These ladies have reached the "Age of Elegance" and are the foundation of America, our most valuable treasure. Our pageant champions healthy aging, wellness, and mental well-being, and our contestants exemplify the "positive image of aging." We are re-defining the senior woman. We honor all senior women with our pageant, giving the contestants a platform to demonstrate their dignity, maturity, inner beauty and talents.
The Ms. Texas Senior America Pageant seeks recognition of the achievements of senior women, motivating and encouraging them to utilize their full potential.
All of the ladies who participate at the pageant are truly winners. One can only imagine how difficult it is for the judges to select four from the twenty-five contestants. Ms. Texas Senior America receives a paid trip to the National pageant where she represents Texas in the Ms. Senior America Pageant. Through out the year of her reign she is also our representative at various functions across the state.

Jill Rumbley Beam
Pageant Director
Board Members
Cameo Club Officers
Sheila Klein:  Secretary